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Basic Fraud

"An Inverted Flag Is An International Signal Of A Country In Destress"

This website has been established by a number of concerned Australian people who have for some time been aware and disgusted about the corrupt and deceitful behaviour of the British Parliament, a succession of British monarchs (including Elizabeth II), other members of the British royal family, British and Australian politicians and the Australian, British and European Courts.

Below Is A Podcast With An Ex Australian Solictor,
Wayne Levick & New Zealand Radio Host, Vinne Eastwood.
During This Video Wayne Mentions About The Swearing In Of Julia Gillard (2010 - 13), The Then Prime Minister Of Australia - Where She Doesn't Mention Anything About Her Alligance To The Queen.

Also Included Are The Swearing In Of Kevin Rudd (2007 - 10) 

And Tony Abbott (2013 - 15)

Click HERE To Watch These Videos Now Or You Can View Them Later Under The "Videos" Page.

The Current Situation
June 2019

For lawyers outside of Australia (and Canada and New Zealand) this information will provide a lot of laughs, even though the joke is sick.

Back in 1997 a group of dedicated Australians discovered serious and foundational problems with their British constitution – the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (Imp.). These issues were run before all courts in Australia, including the High Court of Australia.
Herewith a link to Joosse’s case in the transcription section of the High Court of Australia. When reading this judgement please note the times which are provided on that transcript, the adjournment break and length of the decision.;query=Joosse;mask_path=au/cases/cth/HCATrans

Having achieved nothing but having been effectively destroyed by various Australian governments and their agents a decision was made in 2006 to forward that information to the Chinese government as no Australian government and very few Australians were at all interested in rectifying these problems. All of that information is reproduced on this website.

Kindly examine the signatures of Queen Elizabeth II on Australian vice-regal appointment documents. You don’t need to be a handwriting expert and I’m advised that these signatures were forged by Jack Straw. If you don’t understand the legal, political and economic consequences of this information feel free to ask someone who works at a Chinese embassy.

Click The Link Below To Compare The Queen's Signatures!

Queen’s Signatures.

All this and more was forward to the second largest Chinese newspaper (at the time) and was downloaded and copied from seven different locations in China within 24 hours of receipt. The Chinese government knows that if they publish the information provided, the Australian dollar and Stock Market would only have about 24 hours life in them - if that. The Chinese government also obtained legal advice from the Law Schools of Cambridge and California at Berkeley.

For this reason the Chinese continue to buy up big in Australia: mines, farms, fisheries, processing factories, shipping ports and airports, whatever they want; because the governments of Australia can’t afford for the Chinese to publish.

Word from at least one Chinese embassy is that Fiji will be owned and operated by the Chinese government by 2025 and Australia and its people by 2040. The Australian people don’t give a damn and by the time they wake up (if they ever do) there’ll be nothing left to wake up to. Chinese control of Australia and its people may come earlier that 2040.

Aussies will be the first people ever to give away the soil under their feet together with their and their descendants’ lives without a shot being fired or money changing hands - well not into their hands anyway.

Australia a Concealed Colony but soon to be a Chinese Colony
Here’s a quick summation and this is the first point (there are many others) which the Chinese government have been using to buy out the ground under Australians’ feet.

The Preamble to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (Imp.) is the only place where sovereignty is spelt out in the Act.

Here is the Preamble:

Clause 9 of that Act is referred to as ‘the (Australian) constitution’ meaning that s.128 of clause 9 (the referendum section) only applies to clause 9 and not the Preamble, first 8 clauses or the Schedule to the Act. Therefore the Preamble, first 8 clauses and Schedule to the Act can only be altered by the Westminster parliament which passed the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (Imp.) into law.

So who or where is “the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland”? This is a UK which hasn’t existed since maybe 1921 but definitely not since 1922. Today it’s ‘the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ and Elizabeth II is queen of that particular United Kingdom.

Without a sovereign of “the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland” as specified in the Constitution Act, no Governors-General or Governors can be legally and validly appointed. If this is not the case then Australia’s vice-regal representatives could be validly appointed by the Princess of Burundi or the President of America – neither of whom are mentioned in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (Imp.).

By the way, the Queen of Australia isn’t mentioned in the Act either. So who appoints Australia’s vice-regal representatives, because unless these people are properly, validly and legally appointed no Bills of law can be passed as Acts of law and the Chinese government knows and has been using this since their receipt in 2006.

Imagine what would happen economically and politically to Australia, Canada and New Zealand (all with similar constitutional problems) if the Chinese government published the material they hold.

As Aussies love their Westminster appointed queen and know nothing about the system of laws – British, European or International – which establish and govern their political system, Aussies will continue in their ignorance to allow the governments which Aussies believe are acting in their interests to divest Australia from Australians and hand it to the Chinese government.

In the financial year 2016-2017 the Chinese increased their land holdings in Australia by ten times – 1000%!

The Australian people are disenfranchise themselves and giving away their future by self-interested cupidity, the ignorant politicians who represent them, the fact that constitutional law is not well taught in Australia, a self-serving judiciary only concerned with securing and keeping their superannuation and last but not least - a compliant media. 

Even though the information contained within this website deals mainly with Australian political and legal issues, those people also living in New Zealand and Canada are also directly affected to the same degree.

You will soon discover as you do your own investigations, that the elected Government and the entire Judicial System of Australia are totally unlawful,
fraudulent and invalid!

For Our New Zealand Citizens, Click The Link Below.

This has enormous ramifications when considering International Treaties entered into by the these Governments, any Australian political appointments, the banking laws, the whole Court System, just to name a few, have NO legitimacy and are totally null and void.

Are you an Australian citizen who has a pending legal action through the Court System, where your bank is about to foreclose on your home, or do you have a legal matter with the Tax Department or any other Government Department (such as the Police for traffic or parking violations), or the Local Councils (for council rates), or Debt Collection Agencies, or anyone else ready to persecute or prosecute you?

If so, then you really need to study this website now and learn the truth, as you may have a justified case for ‘Human Rights Abuse’ and you might even be in a position for a substantial compensation claim against them for ‘economic deprivation’!!!

(Refer to the ‘Downloads’ section for more information).

However, if you are an Australian, New Zealander or Canadian citizen who is not being persecuted by your government at present, but who is concerned for your future and that of your Country, this website may then open your eyes to the political and judicial abuse of power and the associated corruption, manipulation and deceptive behaviour of these people!

Please feel free to investigate and do your own research of our website – especially all of the documented evidence.
We would recommend you first click on the heading ‘SYNOPSIS’ to get a greater understanding of the issues and concerns raised throughout our website.

Please forward our website address to all your family, friends and colleagues and encourage them to visit.
It is more than time that the people of the world took a hard look at what is happening within the political and judicial systems in their own countries and unite to end this blatant, disgusting, fraudulent and criminal behavior, thereby ensuring and protecting the future of our children!

The Commonwealth of Australia’s armed forces during World War I displayed a fighting ability, courage, and endurance which made them a legend wherever they fought. All of them were volunteers. Sixty-one thousand, seven hundred and twenty of them died and ennoble the soils of France and Gallipoli. Over 155,000 of them were wounded. All carried the scars of war for life as a badge of honour.“By this recognition Australia became a nation, and entered into a family of nations on a footing of equality. We had earned that, or, rather, our soldiers had earned it for us. In the achievement of victory they had played their part and no nation has a better right to be represented than Australia.”
Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia, William Morris Hughes

House of Representatives Wednesday, 10th September 1919.

Should you have any questions please feel free to email us.

As we will be continually updating our information,
we recommend that you constantly refer back to our website.


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